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"My husband and I were the couple that took all the classes we could, including hypnobirthing. So, we were undecided if we wanted a doula. We were worried about the process of meeting someone and allowing them into that intimate space of our lives. This was our first child after all. But when we finally decided we wanted a doula, it instantly clicked that Maya was our choice. We didn't need to go through the hunting process. Not only had we known her through our classes, but we knew her personality would suit ours. Maya is kind, funny, understanding, and just the person that is easy to be around. Having Maya with us through our journey was more than we could have ever bargained for. She was our sister, friend and mom-figure all wrapped into one. I remember watching her walk in while I was in the middle of my labor. It was such a comfort. I remember exclaiming, "Maya!" When she walked in and she immediately provided emotional support with her hugs, and words. She provided guidance to my husband, reminding him how to physically support my labor when all the classes leave your mind and you are left with the realities of your wife's labor. There was a particular moment when I was at completion and I cried and looked into her face as I said, "Maya, I don't want to do this anymore." Her words of encouragement provided me all that I needed to keep moving forward, and to know countless women before me have felt as I had in that moment and found the strength and love to keep going. Maya was more than we could have hoped or bargained for. Even more, she became a wonderful friend." - Alyssa & Bo

I would like to start by emphasizing, if you are questioning whether to hire a doula for your birthing in the first place, it is truly a no-brainer. We had originally planned on not using a doula. Looking back, changing our mind for some seemingly additional assurance, ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. Worth every penny and more. Maya is the best of the best, and we think she certainly is worth way more than what she charges. 

We met Maya in our hypnobirthing class at Cap Wellness Center in Encinitas (by the way, those classes were amazing and totally entertaining! We actually looked forward to going each week). Birthing my son was the most empowering and fulfilling experience I have ever had, thanks to both my husband and Maya. And to note, I am typically the type of person that is the biggest baby when it comes to anything pain related and I am terrified of needles, etc. So I had low expectations of being able to go through with giving birth naturally. But Maya took away my fears and made me believe I could do it and she never, not once, left our side throughout all 23 hours of labor. In fact, she stayed on call for us 24/7 weeks prior to my due date, came to our house for a consultation to prepare for the big day (listened to our preferences, genuinely got to know us and discussed and removed many of my fears). Then, a week later when my contractions started at home at 4 am, she answered my husband’s texts immediately and gave us wonderful advice and continued to text us regularly until she arrived at our home. From there, she was everything and did not leave our side until Tanner was born. She coached us in breathing, reminded me to practice my affirmations, suggested different positions, gave incredible massages that alleviated pain, made sure I was staying hydrated and nourished, and NEVER LET US GIVE UP. Whenever we worried that something seemed abnormal, she reassured us and kept us going. At the same time, she made sure that my husband was included and helped him be the very best partner and coach I could have ever asked for. At one point in my labor, I became very discouraged when things started to really slow down after I had thought that we were almost there. But Maya helped us regroup and gave us the confidence we needed to make it to the finish line the way we had hoped for. Maya, my husband and I stayed together for 16 hours straight at home in labor. We labored until I was fully dilated at home (which is what I wanted) and then Maya jumped in the car with us and held me upright the whole drive to the hospital and stayed at the hospital where we pushed Tanner out. She relayed to the doctors and nurses all the pertinent information they needed to know when we arrived and even helped track my vital signs. All of the priceless photos I have of our birth I have Maya to thank as she snapped some wonderful ones from her phone (of course, she had asked permission beforehand to do so). Without her, I think I would have ended up at the hospital much earlier and would have given into an epidural and may have even had to have a c-section. I am forever grateful for Maya and consider her a life-long friend. What an amazing service she provides to people. It is incredibly hard work and I was in awe of her endurance and ability to stay energetic and positive through so many consecutive hours with no sleep! Maya was still there for us even after Tanner was born…. She met us at our house again to recap everything that we went through together and see if she could provide any post-natal support. She also connected me to a wonderful lactation support group that gave me the tools I needed to get through many breastfeeding challenges. The list goes on from there but I hope you get the idea! Thank you, Maya, from the bottom of our hearts! –Tracy, Dan and Tanner 

The majority of my pregnancy I believed having a doula was a bunch of hippie nonsense. I was not going to be one of those girls.

As the day of meeting our son quickly approached I started developing a clear picture of how I wanted my first delivery to go...I wanted to feel empowered in the delivery room. I wanted also Ryan to feel confident in order to support & advocate for what was best for us. We wanted all of this but we didn't know how to go about it on our own. Books, online advice forums, motherly and friendly advice confused and bewildered me. My biggest thing was epidural or not, I needed to be as mobile as possible for as long as possible. 

When my friend told me that, a doula’s role is to make your husband feel & look like a champion in the delivery room I realized YES that's exactly what I want!

I literally had 1 month to go when I told Ryan we had to get one. 

For Nolan's birth I was blessed with two doulas. One who taught us how to be a unified front in preparation for the hospital. Then we were blessed with another (Maya) who made that 2.5 hour labor and delivery the best experience a new mom could hope for. 

Maya stepped in when my doula (Brittany) was suddenly sick and could not be there for the delivery. I remember meeting her for the first time. Nolan was over due. The doctor’s were pressuring me to get induced. Maya reminded me that Nolan will come when ready not on some arbitrary time-table. The night before Nolan arrived, I was so wound up that she came over at 9pm to comfort me. She taught me how to relax. She then taught Ryan and my mom what to do when I started contracting and she was there to drive with me to the hospital. My contractions started 2 hours after she left!

Ryan still tells me to this day that when I was writhing in pain in the back seat with Maya, he was convinced Nolan would be born in the car. He says he wouldn't have made it to the hospital without Maya calming me down. She kept him focused & confident. 

A doula isn't your advocate; she's your support. She's the one who will stand in as your arm rest, emotional punching bag (if needed) and coach reminding you of your birth plan when the sh*t hits the fan & you just forget.

Being in the military I know that Ryan might miss a birth, that’s another reason a doula will always be a part of my birth plan.

Birthing a baby is no joke, so why not take the pressure off your self & your person. Get a doula, you won’t regret it.



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